The information presented here is not originally mine, I did not discover it, invent it, or dream it up. We are going  to share with you results of years of researching reports and yes opinions, by  those who came before me and considered the natural lifestyle of the horse. It took  myself several years of learning, reading, training, documenting with my own 9 horses to convince myself of the integrity of the barefoot concept.
    Hoof care seems to be based on opinion, whether one is discussing shod or barefoot. Natural equine hoof care is based on observation, experience, and common sense. We hope to inspire you to educate yourself about hoof anatomy, function, conformation, and adaptation, as well as the natural lifestyle of wild equids. We find it beyond all reasons to think that an animal with a 65 million year evolutionary history is incapable of living it's life and performing normally without the benefit of rigid fixed shoes nailed to the feet.
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Karla in Oxford Mississippi shows that barefoot walking horses can compete.

Above is Joe Camp's horse Cash.He ia a friend and a client and this is after one year in Tennessee.
This is a Thermograph of a horse which show the blood flow.Can you tell which hoof is shod?
Danny and myself at the Houston Mounted Police
The horses have been barefoot since 2003
They ride on all different surfaces and are doing fine

Jamie Jackson and myself, when I received my
certificate from the AANHCP.
Infrared / Red Light Therapy on Samson at Henry's Place in Conroe, Texas.
Wild Mustang Hoof, when we where in Reno, NV.