People often ask for veterinarian views or studies that support natural trimming so
I've compiled a list of just some of the articles I know of listed online.
"Physiological Trimming for a Healthy Equine Foot" Dr. 
Robert Bowker, DVM, PhD - University of Michigan
Lisa Lancaster, DVM; Many hoof related articles available for view and a some hoof related
FAQ's are located here
"New Theory on Equine Hoof Physiology" Dr. Bowker
Article from The Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, "The Unfettered Foot"
Dr. Bowker & Pete Ramey; "Newly Discovered Shock Absorber in the Equine Foot"
....when looking at this, consider that this is just from the weight of a man, not that
of a 1000lb do you think a rigid shoe might affect this?
"Breaking Traditions" Dr. Tomas Teskey, DVM
"Avoiding Navicular"
"Is Shoeing Necessary?" Dr. Neel W. Glass, Ph.D.
"The Metal-Free Horse" Dr. Robert Cook, DVM, FRCVS, PhD; Tufts University
A Vet's story of a dressage horse on it’s way to having a neurectomy due to navicular
"Freedom for the feet---De-shoeing horses"
Understanding Feral Hooves and how it relates to domestic hooves
A detailed article from American Assoc. of Equine Practitioners --"What makes 'Good'
and 'Bad' Footed Horses"
Chrisann Ware, (not a vet but an Equine Myofunctional Therapist); Understanding
the "whole horse effects" of poor hoof form
A vets thoughts/comments on treating laminitis without shoes
Valuable information particularly for owners of laminitic horses
Swedish Vet/Ag University, "Do shoes affect hoof mechanism, heel expansion, frog pressure?"

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"Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care"; "Paddock Paradise"; "Founder: Prevention and Cure"; and "The Natural Horse" all by Jaime Jackson

"Making Natural Hoofcare Work for You" by Pete Ramey

"The Soul of A Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd" by Joe Camp

"Ten Golden Rules of Horsemanship" Bruce Nock, PhD; fellow AANHCP member

"Equine Wellness Magazine"

"Natural Horse Magazine"

 . Kerri Joosten, 3 Star Parelli Professional/Instructor and her son who competes in upper level Polocrosse barefoot A Veterinarian/Equine Chiropractor who competes in endurance Competes in dressage, cross country and jumping (also stands an Irish Draught stallion) Competes in endurance (also stands a Spanish Arabian stallion) Friend, Filmmaker, Author, creator/owner of the amazing Benji, and a true advocate for children and animals, Joe Camp speaks of his journey into horsemanship. A story of how natural hoof care saved her navicular horse A Thoroughbred & Arabian race farm Another TX Veterinarian, sport horse trainer One woman explains her journey down the barefoot path... another story of how barefoot helped a navicular horse...

Some barefoot horses may need hoof boots if you plan to ride on terrain they are not accustomed to. Unlike shoes however Hoof Boots don’t restrict hoof mechanism, allow proper hoof form, flex, absorb shock (rather than increase it as shoes do) and truly protect the entire hoof, not just the edge of the hoof wall. Best of all they don't have to be worn 24/7...just think of them as another piece of tack. Hoof Boots today are vastly improved from those of yesteryear. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their fit and durability. Ask a skilled natural trimmer to help you with properly fitting boots to your horse.
Great site to compare various boots and learn more on booting, fitting, and the barefoot horse. I am an Easy Care distributor.
A friends site detailing the fitting/sizing and use of another popular style boot, the Swiss Boot. These boots can be customized, thus come in handy for those hard to fit horses.
Hoof Boot Classifieds/Swap plus has info on many different style boots and how to figure out sizing


Tyler Deroo riding Royal Code

Debbie Fullilove riding Braveheart RID


"Shoeing is another common fetish. Horse owners have been led to believe that
horses must be shod. Well, they shouldn’t. The constant wearing of metal shoes
is responsible for more poor feet than common neglect."
John Richard Young, author, "Schooling of the Western Horse"




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